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The only tracker that learns every exercise.

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Hands-free. Automatic. Adaptive.

With Adaptive Motion Tracking™ automatic exercise recognition, Atlas learns to track and log every aspect of your training.

  • Auto-detect over 100 exercises with Adaptive Motion Tracking™

  • More than steps - get credit for what matters. Track gym and at-home activities like Push-ups, Burpees, Barbell Squats, and more.

  • Guided Fitness™ coaches and tracks you in real-time through curated and custom workouts including CrossFit, HIIT, Swimming, and more!

  • Heart rate and calories burned monitored in real-time during cardio workouts.

  • Swim, shower, sweat. 3ATM / 30m water resistance gives you peace of mind.

    You Move, Atlas Understands

    You can rely on Adaptive Motion Tracking™ to automatically recognize and record over 100 exercises for you (See our exercise library). Hungry for more? Atlas can even learn virtually any exercise.

  • Freestyle

    Track every aspect of your physical fitness for maximum progress towards your goals.

  • Guided Workouts

    Atlas Wristband guides you set-by-set through personal trainer curated workout routines.

  • Stopwatch & Cardio

    Run with a goal while monitoring caloric burn, lap times, and heart rate. All in real time.

    The only True Automatic Tracker

    Atlas monitors, logs, and tracks your effort, in-app workout summaries help you understand progress towards your goals.

  • Workout Log

    Get stronger, faster, & fitter while Atlas automatically tracks every rep.

  • Cardiovascular Strength

    Get continuous, automatic & strapless heart rate analysed down to every set.

  • Atlas Learning

    Manmakers? Overhead Claps? Easily teach your Atlas new and custom exercises.

Adaptive Motion Tracking™

Other activity trackers are just glorified pedometers. Track cross-training, HIIT & other exercises and automatically record them with Atlas.

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Precision Heart Rate

Maximize intensity, train efficiently and monitor caloric burn with Atlas Precision Heart Rate technology. Strapless and real-time heart rate tracking keeps you working hard.

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Science Based Knowledge

Atlas is the first tracker to democratize research-grade metrics, derived from the latest fitness studies, that are proven to be excellent predictors of fitness performance. For the first time ever, you can benchmark every set to learn how to optimize your fitness routine to get the results you desire.

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Designed for Fitness

Atlas Wristband delivers bleeding-edge performance with ultimate comfort. Its iconic widescreen design ensures a natural reading experience while making no sacrifices on range-of-motion. Its two-layer band ensures a soft, comfortable fit with a durable, fitness-ready outer layer.

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