Guided Fitness™

Turn-by-turn workout direction.

Atlas Guided Fitness™ is just like having your personal trainer and coach with you all the time. Because it’s on your wrist, Atlas Wristband guides you set by set to keep you on track. The moment you hit your rep goal, you’ll feel a vibration and your rest timer kicks off. When it’s time for your next set, Atlas nudges you again. Just like that.


Your workout, your way.

While you sweat, Atlas Freestyle™ auto-detects your exercises and digests mountains of data into feedback. Create a Freestyle package and do your exercises in any order and any number of reps. Atlas Wristband adapts to you and follows your lead. Because every rep counts.

    The Ultimate Fitness Tracker

    A seamless experience from workout to workout. Track progress on the widescreen display and gauge performance improvements while you workout.

  • Editing

    Edit reps or log weight to accurately track your effort towards a better you.

  • Date and Time

    See the date and time and never miss a workout.

  • Wireless Syncing

    Sync analytics and workout logs to the most popular Android and iOS smartphones.


    Get the most effective fitness training experience – personalized content, detailed videos, curated by scientists.

  • Huge Exercise Library

    A powerful combination of exercises target for the fastest way to get in shape.

  • Premium Workouts

    Get the perfect combination of workout routines for the fastest way to get where you want.

  • Exercise Training Guide

    Learn and master new movements with a detailed teaching system and instructional videos.

    Fast Results

    Select from short workouts and multi-week programs to change your life. Atlas automatically tracks science based metrics so you stay motivated to keep going and give it your all.

  • Training Focus

    Every aspect of your fitness is targeted with science based analytics.

  • Exercise Details

    Track the effect on your muscles for every exercise and find an exercise to target what matters to you.

  • Exercise History

    Track your personal records and improvement over time for every exercise.

Mag-Lock™ Technology

Easily secure your Atlas Wristband with patented Mag-Lock™ technology. Swap bands or switch wear locations quickly and securely. Put your Atlas anywhere with Mag-Lock™ technology. Workout with Atlas on your wrist, then snap it out and put it on your shoe to track your leg press. Atlas Mag-Lock™ unlocks the potential of Atlas Adaptive Motion Tracking™ technology.